TIFA 2021 Editorial / Political


  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/Political
  • Photographer
    Lars Klingenberg
  • Technical Info
    Analog 35 Mm
  • Photo Date

The work "Schlafquartier – Obdachlosigkeit in deutschen Großstädten" deals with rough sleepers in large German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich). The result is a systematic photographic and cartographic representation of the places where the ever-increasing homelessness in the cities is noticeable and recurring. In addition to a total of 40 photos, there are detailed and large-format city maps of each of the 6 cities, 18 essays on local events and background information about homelessness, supplemented by statistics and direct quotes from homeless persons.

Lars Klingenberg, born 1978 in Aachen, lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. In 2013 Lars Klingenberg started to work on entirely independent conceptual-artistic long-term projects and creates, among other things, “social & political sculptures of the metropolis”. Using photographic tools and iterations (partly from materials found or collected on the street), to reflect social states and poverty in Germany. The depictions are based on a veristic and progressive "Neue Sachlichkeit" way of working and thinking.