TIFA 2021 People / Self-Portrait

Sad Modigliani

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Self-Portrait
  • Photographer
    Deborah Zuanazzi
  • Photo Date
    January 2021

When I took this self-portrait, I was having a really hard time. I was preparing my thesis and projects to get my Bachelor Degree while working full time at the office and trying my best to keep up with my freelance work. A few days after editing this picture, I dediced to quit my full time job to get my Bachelor Degree in New Technologies of Art and focus all my energies in my dream job, to be a fine art photographer.

My name is Deborah Zuanazzi and I’m an artist and fine art photographer based in Northern italy. Since I was little, I have always been attracted to nature and my imagination has always been a tornado. With my art, I try to create, little by little, brick by brick, that imaginary world that I started building when I was just a little girl with her head in the clouds .