TIFA 2021 Events / Sport

Rain Track-2

  • Prize
    Bronze in Events/Sport
  • Photographer
    Masatoshi Ujihara
  • Technical Info
    1/40sec, F/3.2, Iso320, Fullframesensor 400mm
  • Photo Date

Bicycle racing, also known as KEIRIN, is a traditional form of public gambling in Japan. Men and women, young and old, bet all their meager pocket money on the outcome of the race. Everyone is excited by the speed and thrill of the men's races, but the rain makes the risk even greater.

Born in 1976, Hiroshima Japan. After graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology, I worked as an IT engineer, and began to take pictures of circuits such as circuit photography, bicycling, etc. I have been working on sublimating sports photography into an art form using the panning shot technique. Tokyo Camera Club Division 10 Election for 2017. NiSi Filter Japan Panning photo seminar lecturer.