TIFA 2021 Portfolio / Personal

My Fate In Someone Else’s Hands

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal
  • Photographer
    Edyta Kielian
  • Photo Date

I left Tarnow, Poland and arrived in Chicago in 1995. I have chosen this country,and I love living here; however immigration is not only a geographical change, it involves changes in all of the life aspects,including social, cultural,environmental,behavioral,and lifestyle,which causes several traumatic events that negatively impact the mental well-being of immigrants. I have applied for permanent residence three times and been refused twice. It has finally happened. I am no longer an undocumented immigrant. My biggest dream has come true, but many of my friends are still waiting ...

Born in Poland. Picked up a camera at the age of 15 but became more in love with it about a few years ago. Graduated in 2017 from New York Institute of Photography. In 1995 I moved to Chicago, and it has been my hometown ever since.