TIFA 2021 Science / Other

Metallic Flowers.

  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Other, 2nd Place winner in Science
  • Photographer
    Gianfranco Merati
  • Agency / Studio
    Gianfranco Merati Studio.

Since its invention in the 60s by NASA, magnetic fluid -- originally intended for rocket fuel -- has gone to impact applications in a wide range of industries from electronics to construction. For me this material represents a never ending source of creative ideas. It can be shaped, coloured and lit in so many ways. In this project I attempted to create flower-like shapes and colours, using various colouring and lighting techniques.

Gianfranco’s motivation as a photographer is that ‘beauty is everywhere’. He seeks to reveal it. In recent times Gianfranco started developing abstract photography within a studio setting. Using both high tech methods and innovative use of basic means, each final image is exacting and verging on the unreal. This, despite the fact that Gianfranco does not manipulate his images to create any illusions in his work.