TIFA 2021 Events / Sport

Meaning of Life In One Breath

  • Prize
    Gold in Events/Sport
  • Photographer
    Mark Cheung
  • Technical Info
    1/125, Iso200, F/11, Full Frame
  • Photo Date
    17 September 2019

Freediving gives us a moment of stillness to embrace and find who we are, our ephemeral existence in the vast, limitless power of nature. As they ascend to the surface, they return to the world and abide by societal laws and constructs. We lost our true selves as we attempt to fit into human society. Freedivers challenge themselves to go beyond their limits, opening doors to seek a deeper meaning to the human spirit. Image of Natsumi Mitsuno, Japanese Athlete freediver. Diving to a depth of 50m at the 2019 Depth Championship in Bali.