TIFA 2021 Book / Nature

Jewels In The Night Sea

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Nature
  • Photographer
    Ryo Minemizu
  • Agency / Studio
    Ryo Minemizu Photo Office

This photobook is introduces a beautiful plankton floating in the ocean of the night. It is the unknown figure of creatures covertly approaching the coast for migration to true habitat when many people are sleeping. I photographed while floating in the sea at night that it appearance of creatures each of which is only a few millimeters. There was a world to be entranced, colors, figures and ecology. A beautifully mysterious figure that captured many years.This book has five chapters.1 Adaptation for Floating, 2 Art for Defense, 3 Minimal Jewels, 4 Cradle of Deep Sea, 5 Reason of Transparency