TIFA 2021 Editorial / Photo Essay


  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Martin Krystynek
  • Agency / Studio
    Krystynek S.r.o.

Hopeless. This is probably how the life of the poorest inhabitants of the settlements on Spiš in Slovakia could be called. They live in dwellings without water, without electricity, without sewers, built of paper, wood or material that someone has thrown away. In dwellings smaller than the garage or bathroom of some of us. Many of them, even in the number from 12 to 18. Their future is uncertain, they live from day to day, they do not decide what will happen tomorrow. Without education and basic needs, they can't integrate into a normal life, they live like in a vicious circle. Hopeless

Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) president of Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic board member of FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers) committee member of WPC (World Photographic Cup) Award winning photographer born in Poprad, Slovakia. Martin Krystynek is a master qualified european photographer (MQEP), president of national photographic association APFSR.