TIFA 2021 Editorial / sports

Headwind Faces

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/sports
  • Photographer
    Hugo Bes
  • Agency / Studio
    Hugo Bes Photography
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 5d Mkiv - 400mm
  • Photo Date

Headwind Faces On 9 Feb 2020, the 6th edition of the Dutch national championship against the wind cycling took place on the Oosterscheldekering in Zeeland. Despite the fact that code orange had been announced due to the first storm named Ciara that ravaged our country, some 300 participants started. In the unofficial championship, the participants cycle 8.5 kilometers with a normal bicycle without gears and with a coaster brake. The organization will only allow the event to take place if there is at least wind force 7.

Hugo Bes(1971) is a Dutch reportage photographer based in Amsterdam. He decided to become a photographer during a 4 months journey in south east Asia (2000) which was the catalyst that sparked his passion for photography. Back in the Netherlands he graduated at the Fotovakschool specializing in reportage and portrait photography. In his photography Hugo is focusing on contemporary issues with people as main topic.