TIFA 2021 Architecture / Buildings

Gotham City

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Buildings
  • Photographer
    G.B. Smith
  • Technical Info
    Iso 100, F11, 35mm Lens, 125th Sec Exposure - Hasselblad X1dll
  • Photo Date
    July 2021

Inspired by the mythical Gotham and Metropolis Cities of Batman fame, widely perceived to be NYC. The images are evocative somewhat minimalist urban landscapes reflecting a dark and often dystopian mood.

G.B. Smith’s photography journey began over 40 years ago as a teenager learning the fundamentals of the craft in the darkroom and with large plate cameras. A truly global citizen, having lived on four continents he now resides in Maryland, USA and combines extensive Internation travel with a passion for Fine Art Photography. “I distill an image down to its uncluttered form and contrasts, seeking to highlight perceived patterns and flows. This is why I often use black and white and minimalist imagery, where less is often more"