TIFA 2021 Architecture / Cityscapes

Golden City

  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Cityscapes
  • Photographer
    Partha Roy
  • Technical Info
    Samsung Nx1, Samsung 16-50mm Lens @ 40mm, F/11, Iso-100, 301 Secs, Nd10 Filter
  • Photo Date

Singapore is an architectural marvel city. Singapore has contributed to a skyline that is distinctive from other Asian cities. The Marina Bay Skyline creates a magic moment during sunrise when the sunlight reflects on the buildings. The reflection of the architecture on the marina bay water makes a beautiful symmetry.

By profession, I am an I.T engineer and working as a Software Analyst in a Bank. I have passion for photography since my childhood and I like to capture each moment of life and the beauty of nature with the help of a small hole. The passion and the hobby of photography gradually make me a photographer and I always like to spend my free time with my camera and photography. I'm a picture-taker, fun-lover, and fun-maker photographer who likes to capture and freeze the moment of every aspect of life to make it unforgettable with help of my black box.