TIFA 2021 Editorial / sports

Action Studio

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/sports, 2nd Place winner in Editorial
  • Photographer
    Andre Magarao
  • Technical Info
    Studio Flashes Used For Action Sports
  • Photo Date
    2020 and 2021

These shots are the results of breaking every single recommendation on flashes' user manual. I basically took them everywhere. From motocross tracks to the beach to see what was possible when you attempt to shoot action sports with studio flashes. I was lucky enough to work with some really talented riders and play around with the beautiful Californian sunset while trying to keep with the high performance side of every sport I shoot.

Since I’ve always been into sports it was a natural step to start shooting my friends doing sports. I quickly noticed that shooting during “the golden hour” led to shots I liked more. But then I started shooting sports like skateboarding and it’s very hard to talk skateboarders into waking up at 5am to get that good light. That was when I started studying artificial light. Nowadays I travel with a pretty big amount of gear and place flashes where I probably shouldn’t be placing to get the shots you see here.