TIFA 2021


  • Photographer
    Emilia Kashfian
  • Agency / Studio
    Emilia | Photographe
  • Technical Info
    Shot On Iphone
  • Photo Date

A walk with the shadow self-- Watching this masked pedestrian saunter past my window one afternoon during lockdown, I somehow felt a heaviness about her. Her head down, sunken shoulders, and deep in thought, carrying what seemed like the weight of such an uncertain world, I wondered what she was battling. Drawn to the shadow on the wall beside her, I was immediately reminded of Carl Yung and his theory of integrating consciousness and the unconscious aspects of the psyche; that by getting in touch with the dark and rejected parts of oneself will then ultimately result in reaching wholeness.

Emilia Kashfian is an international award-winning fine art photographer, based in Los Angeles. Her art has been exhibited in various galleries across the world, including New York City, Portland, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, Athens, Melbourne, and Hanoi. She has also received numerous accolades, including the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, the IPA's, the PX3's, the Black & White Spider Awards, the FAPA'S, the International Color Awards, the TIFA's, the MIFA's, the BIFA's, the IPPAWARDS, the MPA's, as well as a 5-time Featured Artist on Appleā€™s Shot On iPhone campaign.