TIFA 2021

The Lightfall Series

  • Photographer
    Emilia Kashfian
  • Agency / Studio
    Emilia | Photographe
  • Technical Info
    Shot On Iphone
  • Photo Date

My photographic work aims to showcase the unseen and often hidden landscape inherent within an ordinary space, based not solely on what one sees, but how one sees it. This series called LIGHTFALL was taken at the Amir Building in the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art. Called an “architectural spectacle”, this beautifully constructed addition designed by Preston Scott Cohen, is far from just any ordinary space that houses and displays art. Its geometric play of line, shape, light and shadow throughout its interior highlights both its complexity and simplicity of style.

Emilia Kashfian is an international award-winning fine art photographer, based in Los Angeles. Her art has been exhibited in various galleries across the world, including New York City, Portland, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, Athens, Melbourne, and Hanoi. She has also received numerous accolades, including the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, the IPA's, the PX3's, the Black & White Spider Awards, the FAPA'S, the International Color Awards, the TIFA's, the MIFA's, the BIFA's, the IPPAWARDS, the MPA's, as well as a 5-time Featured Artist on Apple’s Shot On iPhone campaign.