TIFA 2021

Being | 4Pm Wind

  • Photographer
    Miwako Iwamoto
  • Agency / Studio
  • Technical Info
    Cannon 6d
  • Photo Date
    2020 May-Jully

The global pandemic has required "changing" everyday life, which has been the norm.Limited space. Time that seems monotonous. There is something new that I met there.When I organize my room, I come across a photograph of my Mom who was much younger than I am now. Her smile I don't know.The 16-year-old pedicure is exciting.Looking at the goldfish in the aquarium, feel free from this blockage.At dusk, the light and wind after the rain are soothing and I am relieved to finish the day soon.We keep breathing.This is a magic lantern that looks into the small "universe in the box" in amber lens.