TIFA 2021 Science / Other

All Creations - Space

  • Prize
    Bronze in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Masa Ohashi

According to the latest theories, the creation of all things began with a small fluctuation in space-time, which then rapidly expanded. Scientists have long believed that the process of creation was governed not by the will of God, but by certain physical laws. These laws have a certain "beauty" to them, and that beauty has been the benchmark by which scientists judge the quality of their theories. I believe that this beauty must also be structured in the resulting creations, and I have tried to materialize this beauty.

After retiring from a certain IT company in 2018, I started to pursue the art path with the aim of becoming a photo artist. Around this time, it's hard to go out for a photo shoot with Corona. I started a blog with the aim of improving my photography skills. I hope I can tell you the charm of macro photography as much as possible.