TIFA 2021


  • Photographer
    Yas Crawford
  • Technical Info
    Analogue Photography, Digitally Manipulated.
  • Photo Date

I visited the Lombardy region, Italy and the beautiful Valli Intelvi just before the Coronavirus outbreak in November 2019. Coronavirus striking just a few months later. The images are a collection of my immediate and emotional responses to a region horribly infected. The dislocated landscape torn, as were their lives. The colour offering hope.

I was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the geological landscape and biological make-up of the area have subliminally influenced my work. I’ve worked as a scientist, entrepreneur and an artist. And I’m now working in what I called the 'Grey Space' in-between those disciplines. The science – and understanding the science – is key. The science supports the project and the art steps in to explain the emotion, ambiguity and the unknown. Using digital, analogue photography, video and cameraless experiments, the work has naturally developed in a fine art form.