TIFA 2021 Book / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Jonas Dahlström
  • Photo Date

The images in this series are part of my book project called "07:27:47". All images were taken in Sweden during 2016-2020. Sorted by the hour, minute and second of their exposure, they form a sequence that takes place during exactly 12 hours. It can be seen as a study not only of the urban environment, but also of the relationship between this environment and the human being.​ The subjects are all in a state of transition, on a journey from one place to another, in time and in space. As a photographer, I found myself on a similar journey, as I travelled my country in search for locations.

My book "07:27:47" was published by Kerber Verlag (Germany) in 2020.