TOKYO-2020 Nature / Aerial

Yin and Yang

  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Aerial
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Goh Kim Hui Good observation that had captured the essence of the "Yin Yang Philosophy", the balance within the nature and the coexistence of light and shadow.

  • Photographer
    Gheorghe Popa
  • Technical Info
    Dji Mavic Pro 2, Camera Hasselblad L1d-20c, Lens 28mm F/2.8-11, F6.3, Speed 1/200, Iso 100
  • Photo Date

This is an aerial view of Cuejdel lake just before the complete frost. Cuejdel is the biggest natural dam from Romania, that's the explanation for these trees.

Gheorghe Popa is a pharmacist and a nature photographer by trade. He was born in 1982 in Aiud, a small town from Transylvania, Romania. Popa’s unique ability is his consistency to meticulously engage in his long-term projects, with environments and landscapes, often left unnoticed at first glance. His photographs create a monument to unique beauty that lies within untouched nature. Popa’s aim is to bring responsibility and attention to his viewers and encourage them to cherish and protect these environments. His imaginative photos of Cuejdel and Geam?na lakes gained him widespread recognition