TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Personal

Voyage Within

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal
  • Photographer
    Michael Kofteros
  • Photo Date

Voyage within Selfies, some are taken in the shower behind the wet and misty glass door and some in the bedroom behind the curtain hanging over the window. The wise man looked at me in the eyes and whispered "who are you" silence. He continued.“You are not that you appear to be”. silence. “who are you? find out”. Confused and uncertain, I embarked on a journey of Self-discovering, through Self-portraits, in an active dialogue going beyond surface of how I look, but, going deeper exploring the connection between the 'who am I' and 'what am I'

Street and Documentary Photographer based in Paphos-Cyprus. Although largely self-taught, I have attended a few courses run by some world-renowned photographers; Eric Kim, Jason Eskenazi, Loukas Vasilikos, Platon Rivellis, Ilias Georgiadis, Michail Moscholios. My Pictures are mostly from streets around the world capturing moods, behaviours and atmospheres in people's daily life. It helps me to connect with people on a physical level and emotional level as well. With each picture I take I aim to invite the viewers to pause and take a glimpse into the daily life it flees unnoticed.