TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Andrea Guedella
  • Agency / Studio
    Espacio Disparos
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photography With Intervention
  • Photo Date
    Ongoing project started with the pandemia and Isolation time. (Unfortunately ongoing time)

Currently I cannot go to my studio, so I work from home. Using my body as media. As a tool and a photographic object that allows me to express and communicate.
Transforming it into a channel of expression and meaning. I resist being imposed upon. I may understand that this constrain of freedom is for health and wellness issues, but I resist the imposition. The desperate “human” reactions that were product of the pandemic, such as the collection of objects, rations. The fear of dying or starving. Sustainability and body care as a container for life and survival. So, "Victuals".

Andrea Guedella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated in graphic design and Advertising. She worked as a creative director until she becomes a visual artist. Since 2014 she has exhibited in art fairs, museums, and galleries. Locally and internationally. Actually she works as a free-lance photographer for editorial, advertising and artistic portraits projects and she is also the one who directs “Espacio Disparos, Studio since 2018.