TOKYO-2020 Nature / Trees

Still Life of Trees

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Trees
  • Photographer
    > Joson
  • Agency / Studio
    Joson Studio- Sf
  • Photo Date

As a child, I viewed trees as powerful living giants casting shadows over us. Once I saw them from helicopters at various elevations, the once familiar living giants seemed insignificant and tiny.  In this series, I explore the concept of how our perception can often easily be altered even when observing familiar living subjects like trees. Even these living giants can be perceived as animate objects when viewed from a different perspective -- a perspective that allows us to distance ourselves physically and emotionally from something that is so dear and vital to us all.

Award-winning photographer joSon was born in the Philippines to a Filipino mother and an African American father. Sent to live with his mother’s family in Vietnam at age ten, he was educated in a Buddhist temple in preparation for becoming a monk. “I thought that was my calling long before I saw life through the viewfinder,” joSon recollects. “But the truth is, I have never left the monk-hood. I just left the temple.” Today joSon is a professional photographer based in San Francisco whose work is collected by an international list of clients.