TOKYO-2020 People / Life Style

The Life Changing Beauty of The Sewing Machine

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Callie Eh
  • Technical Info
    1/60 Sec, F 5.6, Iso 2500. Leica Q2 Full Frame,28.0mm F1/7
  • Photo Date

Surjo Devi, age 35, her husband is a stone mine worker. She comes to the Sambhali center to learn how to sew therefore she able to start making money, slowly becoming financially independent and able to help her family. I’ve come away with a better understanding of real lives and society in India, as well as the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. These women live in a world where their every move is dictated by men, and to break that tradition by pursuing an education/skill can be met with resistance and disgust. This simple sewing machine able to change their life in the future.

Callie Eh is a Malaysian-born photographer based in Switzerland. Callie always seeks to challenge herself with what she captures through her lens. She loves learning and experimenting with new cultures, and her passion for photography has changed her view of the world. She travels to different countries, where she likes to photograph people going about their daily lives, telling their story through her lens.