TOKYO-2020 Nature / Pets

The Horses of Neptune

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Pets
  • Photographer
    Davide Giannetti
  • Agency / Studio
    Davide Giannetti Photography
  • Technical Info
    Canon Eos 5d Mark Iv, Ef70-200 F/2.8l Is Usm.
  • Photo Date
    15 August 2020

One day Neptune, God of the Sea, was traveling his domain in his chariot drawn by nine white horses, when, passing in front of the mouth of the Rhone, he met a farmer who was having trouble with a black bull: "Here is my best horse; if you know how to make him a friend, he will be an irreplaceable ally against the black bull. But remember, he comes from the immensity of the sea and he was led by a god: it will be necessary, when he wants, to let him free to come and deeply breathe his marine and divine origins. " This is the legend about the Camargue Horses.

Davide Giannetti is an Italian outdoor photographer. In his research for the perfect shot, he is devoted to highlighting the importance of the undertaken path, trying to communicate the authentic sense of the journey and the fascinating relationship between humans and nature through his photographs.