TOKYO-2020 People / Children

The Circus of Life

  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial/sports, Silver in People/Children
  • Photographer
    Marco Marcone
  • Technical Info
    Shot With A Mirrorless Sony Ff And A 35mm F2,8
  • Photo Date
    2019, november

Inside the ruins of a beautiful 1919 theatre in Old Havana, more than two dozen youth ages 6 to 18 were enthusiastically pursuing their training in circus. The only equipment visible in the studio, besides props for equilibristics, was a piece of carpet used for a mat. It was a typical day at Habana Circus’s afterschool programs. Despite the sunlight streaming through holes in the roof four stories above, the company is happy to finally have a home after nine years of practicing in parks and temporary spaces. I had the privilege of visiting Habana Circus last November.