TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Abstract

The Accordion

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract
  • Photographer
    Michele Pocchiari
  • Technical Info
    Canon 600d - 30mm - F5,6 - 1/1000
  • Photo Date

This was one of my first vision, achieved with an old camera, freehand. My goal was to represent with the high contrast b/w postprocessing, the vision i had at the moment. Sometimes i just see only forms, sometimes i just see movement and only that i want to show in my pictures. This is the backside of buildings E1-E2 in Gae Aulenti square (Milan) made by architect César Pelli.

I'm a young photographer from Italy with a passion for Fine Art Long Exposure B&W Architectural Photography. Joel Tjintjelaar and Julia Anna Gospodarou's works and the whole (en)Visionography movement, are the biggest inspiration to me.