TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Nudes


  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Nudes
  • Photographer
    Teresa Letizia Bontà
  • Technical Info
    Fotografia Digitale
  • Photo Date

the time. Fast, slow, infinite, rich, sterile, the time with which every day we confront each other. here's how I'd describe this quarantine I've been in for over a month. Scanned and lived. In early March came the first warnings of road closures, here in the north began before in the rest of Italy, traffic blockage, activities and already the tension began to be felt. I don't know when I would see the people I love, my family away, I don't know when I could resume my normal activities, work, photography, projects, everyday life. The cases in China had already made me think a lot and seeing

Bontà Teresa Letizia Teresa Letizia Bontà was born in Licata Agrigento in 1981. She approached the world of self-taught photography at a very young age. The first subject that stimulated her was certainly her environment and the artistic and landscape beauty of her country. Among her favorite themes there is no lack of people, the woman, the surrounding reality. Hers is a simple but careful to details photography. Her photos tell what she is and what she has been. He realized his first photographic exhibition in 2017 in Licata, gaining a lot of success and being mentioned in many newspapers. I