TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Other

Space - Metamorphoses

  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Andrey Troitsky
  • Technical Info
    Image Size For Printing 70x70 Or 70x90 Cm
  • Photo Date
    Work on the entire project took 4 years - from 2016 to 2020

Project description The theme of this photographic project is the encounter of man with his environment and the reciprocal transformations as a consequence. In poetic form, the project displays that the inner world of man and the environment are interwoven. The series of photographs reflects a happy and lost condition of our childhood when there were no boundaries between "the self" and "the world". Contact – the story behind the creation of the project This project was born from a feeling - half visual, half tactile – of some touch that I once felt in a park – a touch of a tree in front of me

Andrey Troitsky 49 years old Photographer, director I finished the Theater Academy of Russia as a director I studied photography I worked as photographer with magazines and advertising agencies in Moscow 2009 - I started teaching photography 2012 - I filmed my first film - the short film "Memo" 2012 - Personal photographic exhibition in Moscow 2015 - I studied philosophy at the Modern Art Center "Garage" At the moment I have directed four films as director 2016 - I started working on the photographic project "Space - Metamorphoses" and for four years I prepared a series of 27 works