TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Collage


  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Collage
  • Photographer
    Karolina Nowosielska
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photography. Nikon Df. Composite Of Several Photographs Taken At The Same Place And Time
  • Photo Date
    July and August 2020

The series "Sandscript" is a part of my long-term project about the parallels between the powers of the ocean and the body and psyche of a woman. For this project I wanted to present the landscape of the beach as a symbol of the landscape of a female soul. I chose to photograph the elusive sand pattern just after they were created by the waves, when they were still a little bit moist. These patters remind me strongly of the processes that every woman goes through during her life. The ever-changing occurrence of these landscapes are a symbol of the ever-transitional nature of a woman.