TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Landscape

Roots of Lyngen

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Landscape
  • Photographer
    Virgil Reglioni
  • Technical Info
    Orientation Se, Iso400, 1/200, F11, Focus Stacked And Exposure Blend For Sky / Foreground
  • Photo Date

Here is some of the most impressive area of Northern Norway; The Lyngen Alps. I witnessed incredible light on my way to the Blue lake, which is quite a known trail. I found this place really interesting as I discovered so many of these roots crawling on the ground, giving this amazing touch of drama into the scene. I wanted to find a shape of root kind of agressive, and pointy looking to remind the sharp Alpine peaks in the background. I used it here as a leading line from bottom left of the frame, toward the mountains, sending you straight to the amazing sky of pre-winter in the Arctic.

Originally from France, Virgil was born on September 26th 1988 He grew up in a small town between Lyon and Switzerland, and left France in may 2011 to explore the world, and discover his passions for the great outdoors and photography. The photos you find in his gallery are the result of thousands of hours spent outside under snowstorm, strong winds, heavy heat, freezing cold temperatures, long drives, great hikes, early mornings, late evenings, and tremendous amount of time spent waiting and facing nature without knowing what will come. That's what keeps him in love with Landscape and Night.