TOKYO-2020 Editorial / Personality

Return to China: 14 Day Mandated Hotel Quarantine

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Personality
  • Photographer
    Pelin Guven
  • Photo Date
    September 2020

Due to Covid19 pandemic,everyone returning China has to do the 14day mandated quarantine in a Chinese government facility.They separated me and my daughter.My room was on 29th floor and the windows didn't open.No fresh air..We were not permitted to leave our room under any circumstances.The busy scenery of cars and ships passing over&under the bridge entertained me while confirming that life was going on -despite all and I still was part of it.Documenting my confined life kept me sane.For the 1st time,I became the subject matter of my photographs.Self-focus was the biggest reward of this time.