TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Fine Art


  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Jean-Robert Longhi
  • Technical Info
    Working With Canon Eos5d Mk4 Since A Few Months, And Filters. I Do Nor Use Photoshop Nor Lightroom.
  • Photo Date
    Part of my work from year 2018 to 2020

When I was young, I used to draw a lot. I haven't forget this. It is easier for me to speak with my eyes rather than with words. From the beginning, it is a personal quest for a fairer relationship with the world and Mother Nature. My pictures reflect the feeling of fusion that I can reach when I come face to face with Mother Nature. When chaos and turmoil can lead to a state of illumination, silence and inner peace, which respects the elements. To become one as well as whole at the same time. This is what I try to share. Without forgetting that we, are just passing.

I am physician in EU at hospital. I try to give a more important place to photography in my life. I am registered as artist since the beginning of 2018. I bought myself my first reflex, when I was in high school. After the high school, I studied medicine and I gradually abandoned photography. I come back to it this last years. I am an emergent photographer, not living of my art. Photography is a way of meditation, of fusion with the world around us. I try to translate, in the philosophical sense of the works of Hartmut Rosa, the feeling of resonance. A search for inner peace and harmony.