TOKYO-2020 Nature / Flowers

Purple Calla

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Flowers
  • Photographer
    Carla Marinelli
  • Technical Info
    Reflex: Nikon D780 Lens: Nikkor 105mm Micro - Aperture F/11 Exposure 0,8s-1,2s Iso 100
  • Photo Date

Beauty, purity, perfection, eternal life. Love, passion, sensuality. Symbol of virtue and purity. Symbol of passionate and violent moods. A flower that speaks straight to the heart of those who hold it in their hands. Knowing why is a way to speak its secret language.

Over time, photography has become a conscious tool to move interest to others and to the wonders I can enjoy around the world. What I try to capture in a shoot are the emotions that a place, a moment, an event give me, hoping to share it even in part with those who lived with me and with those who couldn't be there. Today I can no longer do without my Nikon cameras and my travels.