TOKYO-2020 People / Self-Portrait

Promised Land

  • Prize
    Gold in People/Self-Portrait, 1st Place winner in People
  • Photographer
    Michal Konrad

I HAD A DREAM. I WAS FILLED WITH A STRANGE WEAKNESS. I FELT DROWSY AND TIRED. MY LEGS WERE AS IF THEY WERE ROOTS GROWN INTO THE GROUND. EVERY STEP WAS HARD AND MADE ME MORE TIRED. I STOOD MOTIONLESSLY, IGNORING THE SNOW AND COLDNESS. I SAW OTHERS GOING AWAY, BUT I WAS TIED WITH THE LAND. I PRAYED TO GOD. GOD TOLD ME TO PLAY MUSIC. The project presents a difficult relationship of a man to the place where I live. Despite the difficult existence, this man can not part with the land of his ancestors. With the land in which he has his roots.

Michal Konrad (born Michal Smuda)concept photographer, born in 1983 in Wodzislaw Sllski. Member of the Association Polish Art Photographers in Katowice. Student of the Institute Tvurcí Fotografie Philosophical-Prírodovedecké Fakulty Slezské Univerzity v Opave (Czech Republic). High school teacher.