TOKYO-2020 People / Culture


  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Culture
  • Photographer
    Dean Yeadon
  • Agency / Studio
    Yeadonyeadon Photography
  • Photo Date

The Prima ballerina is just that - the top, the best, the ultimate. They spend fifteen years of total dedication to be the one that gets the coveted solos. After a short burst of stardom they are consigned to the less glamorous corps de ballet and then onto teaching children. I have focused on three Primas here, 2 in their prime and the other now teaching children and dancing for whatever show she can get into. They all put in the same hours, the same dedication, but Ella the fading star is in no way bitter, she loves this art for what it is, the purity and excellence. Inspiring.

Grit, extremity, people living lives full of truth and sustenance is what i live for. Their stories, unique and interesting, is what i try to show.