TOKYO-2020 Nature / Wildlife

Netizens In The Wild

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Catherine Kaling Leung
  • Agency / Studio
    Catkaling Photography
  • Technical Info
    One-shot Macro Photos Taken In The Hong Kong Wild During The Pandemic Months
  • Photo Date
    April to September, 2020

Spiral orb Webs - vertical or horizontal, dome-shaped or hexagonal, with mysterious writings, or delicate decorations, in peace, in rain, in storm - I spent these 6 pandemic months in the Hong Kong wild, taking ONE-SHOT photos of how spiders spin silk, weave and embellish their webs. On these silky shelters, the spiders can hide, or wait or attack, or feed or rest. Simultaneously, in order to survive, and to protect themselves from outside attack, they have to be trapped behind their own nets day after day, night after night. That's life! That's our lives?

FRPS (Creative), ARPS (Pictorial), ARPS (Creative); MEd (Distinction), HKU; MA (Credit), CityU, PCEd (Distinction), HKU; BA (First-Class Hons), CUHK With Catkaling's solid artistic, literary and philosophical background, she is capable of visualizing and materializing poetic beauty in her works. She has also conquered Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa, and Mt Elbrus, the highest in Europe. The same courage drives her to venture into the realm of creative photography. The originality of her work has been recognised both locally and internationally with with prizes and grants.