TOKYO-2020 Events / Wedding

Moments of A Wedding

  • Prize
    Silver in Events/Wedding
  • Photographer
    Arlindo Vieira
  • Agency / Studio
    Minimal Photo
  • Photo Date

Every photo I take I try to stop time so that the next generations can know what the old generations were like. I try to capture the authenticity of each person.

I started shooting with my old Nikon F65. Since I was never able to get rid of my equipment, I also have it, kept in my purse and in my memories. 2014 was a turning point. As a photographer for Minimal Photo, I started a bet on training to raise quality. The combined training with a fantastic family that has always supported me has led me to win some international awards that I am proud of, not for the awards themselves, but for making me realize that we always have to try to learn more.