TOKYO-2020 Science / Environment

Luminous Icescapes

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Travel/Tourism, Silver in Editorial/Environmental, Gold in Science/Environment
  • Photographer
    Andrea Hamilton
  • Agency / Studio
    Ah Studio
  • Technical Info
    1.4s At F/32.0 Iso 100
  • Photo Date
    July 31, 2020

Luminous Icescapes series posses a vitreous quality that goes beyond the inherent glassiness of ice, speaking of the alchemic nature of the frosty terrain. Sky, rock, shingle and earth fade into one another, a vista of desaturated greys, punctuated by crystalline structures. Like glass, these images embody a simultaneous beauty, danger and fragility. Luminous Icescapes is a body of work that not only contemplates unique, breathtakingly beautiful, frightening and alien landscapes, but also engages profoundly with photography as an artistic practice. Jökulsaron, Iceland.

Hamilton, a graduate of Brown University and Oxford University studied photography at Central Saint Martins, Photofusion and traditional print methods at the Black and White School. Hamilton also runs AH Studio, an art and design space where she runs a series of talks and exhibitions particularly related to themes of art, design, music and environment. She is an ambassador for the Blue Marine Foundation, The Global Planet Authority and The Moons Symphony Project.