TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Moving Images

Lo Sguardo Visibile

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Moving Images
  • Photographer
    Luis Marino
  • Technical Info
    Vídeo Mp4. Duración 1'42
  • Photo Date
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The visible gaze, behind the mask and makeup of Venice's Carnival, has led me to a relationship game between observers. This series of photographies was displayed and catalogued in Spain last January. The writer Antonio G. Ribelles wrote in that catalogue, where talks about the symbology of the eye. The eye is recognised as a superior power in all cultures. Is the eye that sees but simultaneously it enlightens. The photographies show the desire to see without being recognised. The "wall-costume" protects you and makes you powerful for a while.

Luis Marino - Master Profesional en Fotografía Técnica y Expresión, Universidad Católica San Antonio, Murcia - Postgrado, Experto Universitario Artes Visuales, Fotografía y Acción Creativa, IAAV Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche - Miembro fundador del ‘Grupo de Artistas Latino Americanos G.A.L.A., Inc.’, Nueva York - Miembro fundador del ‘Grupo de Artes Plásticas Almagra’, Mazarrón - Artista colaboradorce3Gallery - Miembro fundador de ‘ArtNostrum Artistas Plásticos Mediterráneos’, Cartagena - Miembro fundador del ‘Colectivo de Artes Visuales Proyecto 8’, Alicante