TOKYO-2020 Architecture / Industrial


  • Prize
    Bronze in Architecture/Industrial
  • Company
  • Photographer
    Johanna Hurter
  • Technical Info
    Panorama Of 7 Pictures, Sony Alpha 7 R Ii, 55 Mm, F/8, 8s
  • Photo Date

The machines and belts of this plant rise into the sky like an eternal monument of steely power. To make the monstrosity of the plant clear, I have shifted the photo evenly during each shot. This creates shadows of the plant, which emphasize its size and power. I wanted the movement of the camera during exposure to be visible to add movement to the otherwise static scenery.

I am professional photographer based in Stuttgart/Germany. After working in industry for some time I started my own photography brand. I specialize in landscape and cityscape photography and big panoramas. My aim is to use the photography and panorama technology to create moving pictures showing the soul of a subject.