TOKYO-2020 People / Family

In The Red Zone - An Italian Family In Quarantine

  • Prize
    Silver in People/Family
  • Photographer
    Raffaele Gianluca Colonnese
  • Technical Info
    Fuji X100f - Canon Mk4 With Lens 24 Mm 1.4
  • Photo Date

Photojournalist Gianluca Colonnese tells about the quarantine in the most affected region of Italy: Lombardy. He does it with an intimate story documenting his family day after day.

I'm Gianluca, graduated in humanistic disciplines and specialized in anthropology, photojournalism and documentary photography. Currently my long-term projects involve 2 territories, Italy and Argentina. In Italy I'm developing a project to child disability, legal Marijuana and new paganism. In Argentina I'm working on a project about the Gauchos and cattle breeding traditions.