TOKYO-2020 Architecture / Industrial

Imaginary City (Battersea Power Station)

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Industrial
  • Photographer
    Daniel Sambraus
  • Agency / Studio
    Daniel Sambraus Photography
  • Technical Info
    Architectural Photograph, Straightened In Photoshop And Mirrored 2 Times
  • Photo Date

I have been able to follow the progress over the last few years. A huge piece of real estate with a monstrous, iconic building in the middle of London, it will become almost a small city within the city. Since March 2019, I have visited the site several times and I have created a series of related pictures. I have developed a mirroring technique to completely isolate certain architectural elements from their urban surroundings and made the Power Station float like an enormous spaceship - a impression similar to the experience when walking below it.