TOKYO-2020 Portfolio / Food

Identification of Fruits Varieties

  • Prize
    Gold in Portfolio/Advertising, Silver in Portfolio/Food
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Hannah Lillethun Identification of Fruits Varieties comment Hannah edit

  • Photographer
    Masumi Shiohara

As a fruit tree farmer and breeder, I continue to strive to appreciate the beauty of fruit as a plant. When applying for seed registration, we will summarize the characteristics of the variety. For apples, pears, etc., attached photographs of flowers are attached. For grapes, observe characteristic values in a natural state without seedless treatment. I'm trying to make a modern botany art by putting together an important part of this characteristic table into one image.

Masumi Shiohara was born in 1974 in Nagano, Japan. He worked at a micro-machining company as a development engineer. After leaving the company, he took over the management of the family orchard from his parents and is now running a farm. While growing fruit here he became interested in capturing them into works of photographic art, a skill which he picked up by himself. The inspiration to capture these photographically originally came when he was requested to supply fruit on a branch to a botanical artist