TOKYO-2020 Book / People


  • Prize
    Gold in Book/Fine Art, Silver in Book/People
  • Photographer
    Judith Minks
  • Agency / Studio
    Judith Minks Photography
  • Technical Info
    Paper Interior: Arctic Volume 200 Grs Alternated With 40 Grs Folia Kite Paper.
  • Photo Date

Judith her fascination for freckles led to the start of a project in 2017 where she portrayed people with freckles from all parts of the Netherlands using the “beautiful northern light” and a simple studio set-up. Freckled volunteers were photographed in one of her two homes in Harlingen and Vlieland. Princess Alexia did not respond to her invitation to join the project, but with those beautiful freckles, she would have fit in perfectly! Finally, now that the project is completed, more than 150 people have been portrayed. Beauty spots, brown sugar, tips of steel nerves … just to name a few.

Minks creates cinematic photos, staged in her studio with elaborately detailed sets of daily life in created interiors, a Hotel room or even a stable with a rather alienated and uneasy quietude. "I have always been fascinated by the still image because you can take the time to discover every detail." With her rather alienated and uncomfortable images with their immaculately staged lighting and sombre, solitary figures, it becomes clear that Gregory Grewdson and Edward Hopper are both great examples for her. The images Minks creates are based on her own memories, experiences and fantasies.