TOKYO-2020 People / Life Style

Fishermen of The Cyprus Bycatch Project

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Silvio Rusmigo
  • Agency / Studio
    Silvio Rusmigo
  • Photo Date

Nothing paints the picture of a Mediterranean island better than a fishing boat cruising through bright blue waters. Idyllic as it seems, it is no secret that our seas are under immense pressure, and that small-scale fishing is a striving profession. Fishermen are the first to know how our seas have changed, witnessing the overexploitation of resources and competing for space. I joined the Cyprus Bycatch Project on its quest to understand the magnitude of the bycatch problem -the accidental killing of vulnerable species- in Cyprus and offer solutions, capturing fishermen’s tales.

Freelance documentary and commercial photographer, based in Cyprus. My work engages topics that deal with the outdoors, nature conservation and heritage. Coming from a Mediterranean island that formed the backdrop to my childhood dreams, I came to feel inspired by people, folklore and nature, and all the stories these have to tell. I hope that my work inspires others to discover and care for our world's rich natural and cultural heritage, and in this way contribute to its urgent need for preservation. When I am not holding my camera, I like to grab my hiking sticks and take to the mountains.