TOKYO-2020 Fine Art / Other

Egyptian Transformation V

  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Jozef Danyi

As a boy, I was interested in the history of ancient cultures and this has been reflected in my artistic work. In 2013, I visited Karnak I Luxor, the breathtaking Valley of the Kings and the gigantic temple of Queen Hatshepsut. Inspired by ancient Egypt, I returned to a theme I covered in 2010 in “The Mummy”. The ET ensemble, a modern set of five portrait photographs, was created as a tribute to Queen Hatshepsut. Photography ET V is the last phase of the story, when Queen Hatshepsut’s eyes are already covered and the facial expressions say goodbye to our world. Transformation is complete...

Jozef Danyi was born in 1969. Federation of European Photographers qualified him in 2014 for the European Photographers. He is an active member of the Czech Federation of Art Photography (CFFU) and the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) which awarded him the Artiste FIAP title (AFIAP in 2014) and Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) title in 2017. Since 2020 Jozef is a member CFA Affiliate Artist (France) and Artist Collective (Australia).