TOKYO-2020 Advertising / Product

Dyson Purifier

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Product
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Tomohide Ikeya This piece is about the flu, and although it is about the subject, it looks like it could just as well represent the Covid-19 pandemic. This dramatic expression is both serious and humorous, and is a true representation of this year's world.

  • Photographer
    Arseniy Neskhodimov
  • Photo Date

In November 2019, the Russian Esquire magazine asked me to make a series of self-portraits for advertising Dyson air purifiers. I took a few pictures Inspired by David Hopper’s artworks and the poem of the great Russian poet Joseph Brodsky who wrote 50 years ago: “Don’t leave your room, just say you have the influenza. A wall and table are the most fascinating agenda. Why leave this place? Tonight you will come home from town exactly as you were, only more beaten down… Don’t leave the room!...Bolt the door, barricade in place with a dresser from chronos, cosmos, eros, virus, race."

Arseny Neskhodimov (1981) born in Samarkand, lives and works in Moscow. In 2003 he graduated form institute of Culture (Kemerovo) BA in Photography and Cinema. Since 2008 he has been working as a freelance portrait photographer. His personal works were awarded and shortlisted by numerous contests such as Welcome Photography Prize, Aesthetica Art Prize, Silver Camera,IPA, Annual Photography Awards and International Photography Grant among the others. In his works author touches upon issues of disillusionment and sense of alienation of the generation born in early 80s.