TOKYO-2020 Science / Other

Creatures From Another Dimension

  • Prize
    Gold in Science/Other
  • Photographer
    Irina Petrova
  • Technical Info
    Sony Alpha Nex-6, Retro Mf Lenses, 1/40 S, 1/100 S, 1/125 S, 1/160 S, Iso 100, F/3.5 + F/8
  • Photo Date

People are often afraid of insects. The insects are akin creatures from other parallel dimensions or sci-fi movies. The insects physiology, superpowers, and the way of life are different from that of humans. The negative images of insects’ photos are more fantastic than the portraits of insects themselves. I tried to show the true essence of beings from other dimensions using negative images of the original photos.

Irina Petrova is an internationally published and award winning photographer and artist. She specializes in wild life micro-photography and science fiction inspired installations organically integrating living and artificial entities. A unique feature of her work is she only uses retro manual focus lenses to share the wonders of the world. She has won a substantial number of awards and prizes, including 3 recent awards in BIFA 2020, winner of FEP Awards 2021 Nature Golden Camera and ND Discovery of the Year in category Nature 2019.