TOKYO-2020 People / Life Style

Confined Neighborhood

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/General News, Bronze in People/Life Style
  • Photographer
    Julian Hills
  • Photo Date
    April 2020

For this series I have had the pleasure of meeting many of my neighbours in our "Terdelt" neighbourhood. I photographed those who wished and here is a selection of the pictures. These little moments have been great! Some moments where we almost forgot the confinement and our covid concerns. Thanks also to the Terdelt association without whom this project would not have been possible.

I am Julian Hills - "hools" - , an English self-taught photographer living in Belgium; I am mainly devoted to charity & social photography. It is in these shootings, and meetings with these people that I find the emotions I love so much. I work with associations such as ATD Fourth World, the Foundation against Cancer, Make a Wish, Bikers for Children, Justine for Kids, Down syndrome foundation, Lou Foundation ..