TOKYO-2020 Editorial / Environmental

Colors of Hell

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Environmental
  • Photographer
    Istvan Kerekes
  • Agency / Studio
    A Foldgomb Magazine
  • Photo Date
    2019 August

Geamăna village – the place of death. The slurry reservoir-lake wastewater is highly toxic with sulfuric acid and other chemicals. The church tower - that's all that's remain from the village. All around is highly toxic water and sludge. The lake continues to rise year after year with contaminated sludge, toxic chemicals, and in a few years the tower will not be visible - will be lost forever. Geamana village has a terrible sad story which starts when the valley and the village was flooded by toxic water from a copper mine - Rosia Poieni (Transylvania) (second largest copper mine in Europe)...